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Jyväskylän Aalto ry is the local swimming club in the city of Jyväskylä. 

Street address:
Pitkäkatu 2

Club phone nr: 

+358 40 172 2288

E-mail: info(at)

Executive manager

Hanna Salmijärvi

Phone: +358 40 172 2288

E-mail: hanna.salmijarvi(at)

Head of sport management

Antti Rantanen

Phone: +358 50 372 2077

E-mail: antti.rantanen(at)

Club coordinator/Artistic Swimming Coach

Piia Laitinen

Phone: +358 40 090 4976

E-mail: piia.laitinen(at)


Chairman of the club

Pirjo Harvia

E-mail: pirjo.harvia(at)


Jyväskylän Aalto is a competitive swim club and a member of Finnish Swimming Association Suomen Uimaliitto. 

severi.jpgThe club is staffed by professional coaches and part-time coaches. Our staff of coaches are fully certified and experienced at many levels of the sport. The club is committed to provide structured instruction, training and competition for all ages. At the moment we have 8 levels of competitive swimming groups. We also offer competitive swimming for disabled swimmers. 

sukeltajatytto.jpgThe club also has many other swimming classes and courses: baby and family swimming, swimming classes for kids, non-competitive swimming groups for adolescents, Masters swimming and technique courses for adults. 

uimahyppy.jpgWe also have artistic swimming groups and diving groups for children age of 6-14 years. We offer courses for beginners as well as courses for those who are interested in competitive synchronized 
swimming or diving.

You are warmly welcome to join our club!